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The Florida Association for Staff Development, Inc. promotes professional growth, leadership, and support for those involved in facilitating learning opportunities for the educational community.

Our primary business is to facilitate significant and ongoing study and conversations about the quality of professional development in schools. Our goal is to improve the learning opportunities and learning success of all students and staff.

Do we collect information about visitors to our Website?

No. Absolutely no information is gathered about visitors to the FASD Website. Neither are tracking cookies used for visitors. FASD's information gathering is limited to account holders and conference participants.

Do we collect information about account holders?

Yes. To facilitate accurate registration in our annual conferences and reporting to our members, FASD account holders are required to build a user profile with this information:

  • First and last names
  • Email address - used for communication and login name
  • School or office
  • Job title - selected from a generic six-item list used solely for statistical reports
  • Password - provided by the participant

All of this information is stored in a secure database and is not retrievable outside the FASD account management system.

FASD account holders may review and update this user profile information at any time.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, but only in very limited ways. We use two kinds of cookies:

  • Login cookies - When a participant successfully logs into the FASD account management system, we write an identification cookie that allows us to associate all other activities in the current Web session with this particular user. This is a temporary cookie which is destroyed when the user logs out, when the Web browser is closed, or when the Web session "times out" after a period of inactivity.

  • Registration tracking cookies - When a member registers for a FASD conference, cookies track the user's progress through the registration process. These tracking cookies are used solely for navigation purposes. Like the login cookies, the registration cookies are temporary and are destroyed in a similar fashion.

Do we distribute information to others?

Yes, but only in a limited way with the school district with which the account holder is affiliated. This indirect communication occurs when members print and deliver registration invoices and receipts for conference registration to their home districts or organizations. FASD provides no direct access to specific member information to any third party organization.

No other information is shared about FASD account holders or conference participants. No personal information is ever shared with third parties with these exceptions:

  • Cumulative statistical reports - Registration and conference attendance data are regularly compiled for internal FASD reports. These reports do not identify individual information.

  • State auditing reports - Occasionally, state and national education agencies ask for reports regarding membership and activities participation. This reporting shares no personal information regarding FASD members.

Concluding Remarks

FASD exists to serve Florida's school districts and individual educators. It is our pledge to gather only the minimum data required to accomplish our professional development delivery and reporting goals. Above all, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our members.     

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